Yung Miami Declares She’s “Not Sharing” Her Man In Next Relationship

City Girl Caresha, a.k.a. “Yung Miami” has been dating Diddy for over a year, even though they both say they’re still single. On Sunday (March 5), she announced how she would handle her next relationship on social media.

Miami tweeted on Sunday,

It’s been a long week I just want my man,” while she didn’t go into further detail, she wrote the follow-up tweet, “I’m not sharing my next n___!

On whether she would ever get married, Caresha said during an Instagram Live,

I don’t want to get married cos I feel like men are not faithful, I take everything personal, I will never forget. If my husband cheats on me, Imma kill him.

Yung Miami and Diddy haven’t been seen much since the birth of his daughter in October.

Miami said she knew about the baby before her birth.  Do you think men can be faithful?

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