YFN Lucci Calls Out People Not Showing Him Love YFN Lucci is calling out those who only say that they love him but aren’t showing it.  In a recent Instagram Story, Lucci said, “Everybody I Ever Told I Love I SHOWED EM,” read the Instagram post on YFN Lucci’s account. “Funny How Some Never Showed Me They Only Told Me!!!!!” The comment comes as YFN is currently jailed and awaiting trial in Atlanta, Georgia on charges of felony murder, assault, and racketeering charges. Lucci is accused of killing James Adams. Lucci’s lawyer says he’s, “not a gang member,” as authorities have said he’s linked to the Bloods gang, “what he is, is an internationally recognized musical artist that is a triple Platinum winner.” Do you think YFN Lucci will get out of jail? Did people turn their backs on you during a low time in your life? Share your story.