Watch Snoop Dogg Register to Vote for the First Time

Snoop Dogg Registered to Vote for the First Time Rapper Snoop Dogg was proud to register to vote today in Cali for the first time. Snoop never registered in the past because he thought he couldn’t due to his criminal record. In true form, Snoop registered and didn’t put his blunt down to do it. You can see Snoop go through the entire process of registering step by step via his YouTube channel. Snoop gives a heads up that the questions about parole come at the very end. He said, This is the s**t I was talking about. This would be the discouraging moment at the end of the vote for me… But guess what? It’s not. F**k what they talking about. Is this time around your first time registering to vote? If so, what kept you from registering before now?