Kendrick Perkins confronts Quavo on ‘First Take’ On Thursday, Quavo was on ‘First Take’ with Kendrick Perkins and had to explain a lyric he had about Big Perk a few years ago. Quavo’s track ‘F**K 12’ from his debut album calls out Kendrick Perkins.  Quavo explained that he was working on the album during the Toronto and Cleveland match-up where Perkins got into it with Drake on the sidelines, which inspired the lyrics to the song. Kendrick explained that he did not start the fight but defended his legacy. He said, “When I was putting in work you probably still had Similac on your breath when I was helping the Celtics go to the Finals.” Quavo and Perkins continued to chop it up during the episode and came to a resolution. Quavo said, “All jokes aside, it ain’t never no beef with Big Perk, man. It’s all love. It was just a bar.” Have you hurt anybody’s feelings by a joke you said? Have you got into it with someone over a friend?