Vaxxed and vocal: John Legend shares vaccine experience, talks family life with Chrissy Teigen

John Legend Shares His Vaccine Experience John Legend is vaxxed and vocal. In a recent interview, he shared details about his vaccine experience.  He said, “It gave me a sense of greater optimism and relief as well. I’m just excited that the vaccine has proven to be effective and to be safe and that we’re on our way to opening back up more and more people get vaccinated.” He shares that he got his Pfizer vaccine at Walgreens and adds, “If you’re getting vaccinated – preventing yourself from getting the virus, preventing yourself from giving the virus to any of your relatives and loved ones, and getting the nation back closer to opening up slowly – it’s a small price to pay.” He also talked about the recent loss of their son and shares that it had may him and Chrissy stronger.  If you could only have lunch with John Legend OR Chrissy Teigen, which one would you choose?