Tyrese Ordered to Pay Nearly $650,000 to Ex-Wife and Her Lawyer in Child Custody Hearing

Tyrese was ordered to pay $650,000 in child support and lawyer fees in his custody battle.

TMZ says on Tuesday, a Fulton County judge ordered Tyrese to pay $237,944 to his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson and $399,000 to her attorney.  Tyrese refused to pay his ex $10,000 monthly in August, calling it “excessive.”

He claims Samantha doesn’t need that much because she makes good money on her own,

Says TMZ.

The singer has claimed the judge was racist, and his attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham plans to appeal the judge’s decision and request a new trial. Graham claimed Tyrese doesn’t have to pay his ex-wife until May 15, but she thinks she can delay it longer with the appeal.

Tyrese owes Samantha $237,000 for child support and interest.

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