Travis Scott Teases Long-Awaited New Album Is ‘On The Way’

Travis Scott is teasing a new album. The 32-year-old rapper previewed his latest project, “Utopia,” for the Houston Astros on Monday (May 15).

Travis played the album for the Astros’ pre-game hype-up. “Utopia” has been pushed back several times, with fans noting billboards for the album in California before Coachella last year.

Posters with Scott’s Cactus Jack logo asked, “Looking for UTOPIA?” and “WRONG WAY” signs pointed away from Coachella’s grounds last year. Scott was supposed to perform at Coachella in 2022, but it was canceled due to the Astroworld tragedy.

Do you think enough time has passed since the Astroworld tragedy for Travis to continue with his career? 

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