Travis Scott Names His Favorite DMX Song & Sends Well Wishes: ‘X For Life’

Travis Scott Shares Well Wishes for DMX As DMX continues to fight for his life, several celebrities, fans, and family members are sharing their well wishes and support for the Ruff Ryders frontman.  Travis Scott was one to share his support. TMZ caught Scott outside his office in Los Angeles on Monday (April 8th) when he offered his support saying, “We love DMX, man. X for life!” Scott was asked his favorite song from DMX to which he responded, “What’s My Name?”  Hundreds gathered for a vigil outside the White Plains hospital where DMX has been on life support since overdosing and suffering a heart attack on Friday (April 2nd). The vigil was attended by his fianceé, ex-wife, his children as well as a flock of fans.  What is your favorite DMX song?