Torrei Hart Talks About How Being Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife ‘Hindered’ Her Career

Recently, Torrei Hart opened up about her struggles as a comedian and how being Kevin Hart’s ex ‘hindered’ her career.

Torrei said,

Honestly, I think it’s hindered me more so than helped.

She continued,

A lot of people don’t know I got voted class clown in high school.

She added,

It just so happens the person that I married just blew up so big and so it’s me just working on getting out of a shadow and constantly putting in the work. But I was always in the comedy realm, that’s my life.

Torrei continued,

There’s a lot of the OGs who be like, ‘OK, we f–k with Torrei, tough. We know she’s funny, we know.’ True ones know that’s why I said shoutout to Katt Williams for putting me on down to perform in front of 30,000 at the Microsoft. You know he knows me.

Why do you think it is wrong for Torrei Hart to speak about her ex-husband during interviews?

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