Tiger Woods Denies Ex Erica Herman’s ‘Tenancy Agreement’ Claims in Lawsuit

Tiger Woods is denying reports that he had an “oral tenancy agreement” with his ex, Erica Herman.  In a statement, Woods says that after “breaking off their relationship” he informed Herman “she was no longer welcome” in his house.

Herman previously said they had an “oral agreement” ensuring her she could live at his Florida mansion for a total of 11 years. In a legal filing, Herman claimed she still had five years remaining when they split up in October and, as such, is entitled to compensation of roughly $30 million.

Woods’ lawyers argue that during their relationship,

Mr. Woods invited Ms. Herman to live with him as his guest in the Residence. Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral tenancy agreement with Ms. Herman. Nor was there ever a written tenancy agreement between Mr. Woods or the Trust.

Woods’ lawyers say that he notified Ms. Herman that he was breaking off their relationship and then arranged for Herman

to stay at a local luxury resort and provided funds she could apply toward a new residence.

Did you ever lose a prized-possession in a break-up?  Did you ever lose your home?  What happened?

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