These Strict Habits Are Part Of Pharrell Williams’ Morning Routine

Pharrell must keep his body and mind in good shape to make successful songs like “Happy” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” adhering to a rigid daily schedule. In a video put online by The Jasmine Brand, he explains that it begins with getting up at five in the morning.


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 Pharrell said,

Exercise is the first item on the schedule, with 500 crunches and a five-minute plank.  And after that, I take a hot bath for like an hour and lose two to three pounds,

says Pharrell.

That’s where you either meditate, pray, or do both.

The Grammy winner writes and thinks during that time while “giving thanks and reverence to the universe.” Pharrell says the mind exercises he practices keep him grounded and authentic to himself.

What does your morning routine consist of? 

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