Tamika Mallory Claims Kanye West Is Upset Because He Lost Kim Kardashian

Tamika Mallory thinks Kanye‘s acting out because he misses Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview, she said,

I think Kanye is upset because he lost his woman. He’s trying to weaponize other communities to help him fight his personal battle. In one of the clips from his Drink Champs interview, he said, ‘if y’all don’t want me to wear White Lives Matter t-shirt then the culture should get behind me when they take my child, the culture should get behind me.

Tamika asked, so now you’re saying we should be involved in your custody issues, your family business.

How many Black men have Kanye helped that can’t see their children? What is he involved in? Does Tamika Mallory have a point?

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