Tami Roman Shares She Suffers From Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Tami Roman Shares She Suffers From Body Dysmorphic Disorder People have been commenting on Tami Roman’s much more slender appearance. She is sharing that she suffers from two things; body dysmorphic disorder dating back to when she was 13 and Type 2 diabetes. She shared this as she guest hosted on The Real. When she was 13 she went to a modeling agency and they ripped her body apart. She admits to using laxatives, not eating, throwing up, doing anything to be as skinny as possible. Tami also added, I’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes so my weight fluctuates with that and you couple that with the disorder and it is hard to manage. After Chardwick Boseman, people swore they were going to be better about judging people’s appearance but turned around and did it again to Tami. Have you changed how you view people’s appearances online?

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