T-Pain Says Chris Brown Has A “Princess Complex”
FILE - In this Sept.21, 2018 file photo, singer Chris Brown performs during Philipp Plein's women's 2019 Spring-Summer collection, unveiled during the Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. Two police officials say U.S. singer Chris Brown and two other people are in custody in Paris after a woman filed a rape complaint. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

T-Pain Says Chris Brown Has a “Princess Complex” T-Pain sat down with Akademiks and the topic of Chris Brown came up. About Chris, T-Pain said while that’s his guy, he said Chris has a Princess Complex. T-Pain explained-A Princess Complex is when a young girl grows up in a family or in surroundings where every day she gets called a princess, she gets called pretty. He added, that the pretty complex also refers to when one gets accolades for doing nothing-just for being pretty. This conversation is about Chris’ latest album not getting the support like his previous albums did. T-Pain says don’t blame the fans, Chris has done exactly what he’s always done. Y’all must have done something wrong because I’ve done the same thing that I’ve done every time and the sh– gone crazy. Y’all must have done something wrong. It ain’t me, I’m f— Chris Brown. Do you agree to disagree with T-Pain? How do you feel about Chris’ current album?