SZA Thought Drake Was Trying To Sabotage Her

SZA recently opened up about working with Drake and shared that she thought he was ‘trying to sabotage’ her with their new track together.

She said about their collaboration,

If you accept my first draft, I won’t trust you.

She continued,

I just handed in the first draft to Drake, and he’s putting it on his album.

She added,

I’m scared because I handed in second vocals and he didn’t use that. And now I’m like, ‘Are you trying to sabotage me?’ I know that’s not true. 

SZA continued,

I literally know that’s not true, but that’s how bad I feel about my first draft. When things come from an effortless space, I almost can’t enjoy it.

Which R&B singer do you think SZA should do a joint album with?

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