“Suicide Is NOT Fashion” – Burberry Lays Out Apology After Being Called Out For Their Latest Product at London Fashion Week

Once super popular fashion brand Burberry (not so sure now) has issued an apology after being called out by one of their own models for an insensitive new product that debuted at London Fashion Week. The product happened to be a noose attached and hanging from a hoodie! Model Liz Kennedy, who happened to be the one wearing the controversial hoodie down the runway, posted an in-depth and emotional message on Instagram:


And this is what Burberry’s chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci was reported as saying:

A lot of insensitive stuff has going around in these first couple of months of 2019, let alone, the first couple of weeks in February. Which ironically, not so ironically, happens to be Black History Month. We gotta do better people! Here are some more responses about the Burberry incident:




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