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Tino Cochino Radio

7pm Monday-Friday on HOT 102.9!

Co-Host - Raquel

A nationwide co-host audition took place and this red headed fireball shined brighter than all! In her two day audition, Raquel managed to not only make a connection with the audience but in the studio as well! It was without a doubt that we had to make her part of the team! She’s talented, driven, motivated, and in better shape than everyone on the squad. Fun fact, Raquel has participated in multiple fitness competitions and continues to personal train.

Things Raquel enjoys most:
• fitness
• spending time with family and friends
• going out
• hot cheetos
• watching “friends” reruns

Instagram & Twitter: @TCRRaquel

Co-Host/Mixer - DJ Nicasio

DJ Nicasio is an Arizona native who spends his time DJ’ing the hottest clubs/events in and outside of Phoenix. He’s the Arizona Diamondbacks official DJ and now you can catch him weekdays on TCR saying the things that everyone is afraid to say! Hear something that made you feel some type of way? It’s more than likely Nicasio’s fault! LOL!

Things Nicasio enjoys most:
• djing
• working out
• buying/collecting shoes
• whataburger
• getting under raquel’s skin

Instagram & Twitter: @DJNicasio

Executive Producer - Ronnie Ranson

Executive Producer
Ronnie is all about going into the world and helping people become better every day. From finances to faith and health, Ronnie has no limits. Formally known as “Yella Boy” on his hometown radio station 104.9 The Beat in Lubbock, TX, Ronnie has had years of radio experience and held the number one night show in Lubbock, Tx for multiple years.

After deciding to go back to school, Ronnie graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in English, psychology, and a minor in history. With aspirations to be a teacher, Ronnie decided it would be best to get back into marketing. After doing several podcasts and radio appearances on the Tino Cochino Radio show, he was offered a position as the executive producer. Ronnie has also known Tino since they were both teenagers!

Things Ronnie enjoys most:
• church
• gym
• people
• Mexican and Cajun food
• reading

“If God ain’t in it, you ain’t winning”

Instagram: @RonnieRanson806


Born and raised in Lubbock, TX, Tino got into radio at the age of 13 as an intern. At age 16, he was given his first full time shift and worked his way to the #1 night show in his hometown. Nearing his 21st birthday, Tino took his show to San Antonio where a buzz quickly began to grow. The station flipped formats a few years later and he felt the need to move out west to chase his major market dreams. He now hosts the number one Latino hosted English speaking syndicated radio show in America. Airing nationally in over 60+ cities across the country. Things Tino enjoys most: • hanging out at home • his “masculine” toy poodles • going to the movies • Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! • running/jogging

Tino Cochino Radio

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