Saweetie’s New Track Don’t Say Nothin

Saweetie has dropped her new track called ‘Don’t Say Nothin”, and she recently discussed her new song.

Saweetie said on the track,

Why n##### always speaking on who I’m f###### on?” She continued, “He must’ve got excited when I Facetimed with nothing on. Them same lips that’s yapping be the ones I n**ted on.

She addressed the new song in a recent interview, “The vibe felt very urgent. It felt very intense but in a good way. And it was fun because I was just like, I was venting about all my experiences when I thought that I was dealing with a man that I can trust, and then it turns out he had a big mouth.” Saweetie continued, “So it was a lot of storytelling, and I just put all my experiences into one song. I feel like that sound is the reason why I’m here, and I never want to turn my back on what made me great. So it’s like I had to go back to my Bay roots and, honestly, I was just talking my s### and being honest about what’s happened to me.”

Why do you think Saweetie should not have taken shots at Quavo on her new track?

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