Repo Man?

Quavo Didn’t Repo Bentley He Gave Saweetie One thing about Quavo is he gave Saweetie extravagant gifts. Birkins, Bentley’s, cash. So when they broke up and made it social media official they were over, many wondered what was going to happen with the Bentley? Was he going to take it back? Rumor was he had repo’d the Bentley he gifted Saweetie. Sources close to Quavo say this never happened. The rumor is the Bentley was a lease and that he ended the lease early since they split up. That would mean she would have to turn in the car or it would be repo’d. But there is no evidence of it being repo’d. No video. No photos. If someone bought you a high end car and you found out it the car was a lease and not yours outright, how would you feel? If you were Saweetie would you even want to keep the car?