On the 20-year anniversary of Remember the Titans ‘ actors Wood Harris and Ryan Hurst are looking back on the film, which starred Denzel Washington. They surprisingly recalled a moment of racism that took place while the movie was being shot.

Both Wood Harris and Ryan Hurst describe a White woman who was on set, that treated both of the actors differently, seemingly because of their race. Ryan Hurst recalled:

“Harris said, ‘Just watch how she treats you, watch how she treats me.’”


“We went in there, I sat down and I was talking with her and she was on her elbows leaning close to me. Then Wood walked over and she moved her chair back a little, leaned back, crossed her legs, crossed her arms, and Wood looked over at me and nodded at me.”

Ryan Hurst says that he noticed several other times on set with moments similar to that. He says,

“It just showed me, it doesn’t matter how socially aware you are, exponentially, as a white man, you’re born to be fu**ing ignorant.”

– Courtesy of www.thejasminebrand.com

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