Rapper Blueface Sued By Woman Injured During Gentlemen’s Club Shooting

Blueface is being sued by a woman, who claims he placed her life in jeopardy during a shooting at Las Vegas gentlemen’s club last year.

The defense’s legal team has asked for the civil case to be paused, while they handle the criminal case associated with the same shooting.  As reported by AllHipHop.com, on Oct. 8, 2022, the rapper fired his gun outside of the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club on Windy Road off the Las Vegas Strip.

Jasmine Nicole Brooks was at the club that evening and became a victim— although she never specified how she was injured. She is filing a civil lawsuit hoping to receive an award for the damage she incurred after being shot in her hand.

She said in the lawsuit,

she  sustained injuries to her body, specifically her face as a result of defendants’ inadequate, unreasonable and egregiously deficient security of the property.

A police report said Blueface somehow got into the club with a firearm, even though the establishment had a metal detector. He was only in the club for five minutes before the chaos erupted.  Blueface is always making negative headlines.

What do you think it’ll take for him to get his life together?

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