Pusha T Takes Aim At Jim Jones On New Clipse Song

After Jim Jones said some unsavory things about Pusha T‘s relevancy and impact on hip hop a few months ago, Pusha T has responded with a new Clipse song taking aim at Jimmy.

On Tuesday, June 20, as Pusha and his brother No Malice walked the runway at Pharrell’s first Louis Vuitton show in Paris, a brand-new Clipse song made its debut.

Push rapped,

Beware of my name, that there’s delegate/ You know I know where you’re delicate/ Crush you to pieces, I’ll hum a breath of it/ I will close your heaven for the hell of it/ You think it’d be valor amongst veterans/ I’m watching your fame escape relevance/ We all in a room but here’s the elephant/ You chasing a feature out of your element.

Jimmy reacted to the track by posting a video of himself laughing hard and said,

Why do you feel like Jim Jones lyrically is no match for Pusha T and his bars?

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