Pharrell Casts A Pregnant Rihanna As His Menswear Muse

Pharrell teased his upcoming Louis Vuitton collection by displaying Rihanna‘s image on a Parisian building just five days before the debut.

Rihanna, pregnant and wearing a glitch-print leather shirt, is fronting a men’s campaign in monogrammed bags, emphasizing the importance of swag over biological sex.

The designer shares the same attitude, with his thumbs hooked into his flares.  Williams’ collection details are scarce but will be revealed on June 20. It appears he is paying homage to Louis Vuitton’s accessory roots.

The visionary began making clothes in 1997 with Marc Jacobs. Williams’ focus has been on handbags and leather goods.

What are your thoughts on Pharrell using Rihanna to debut his men’s line?

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