NLE Choppa Says DaBaby Will Come Out of Controversy Bigger Than Ever, Polo G Agrees NLE Choppa lent his support to DaBaby with a tweet he posted on Tuesday evening. “Dababy Gone Come Out Bigger Than Ever While Y’all Tryna Down Play The Man,” Choppa tweeted.  Polo G gave his approval by “liking” the tweet. Many other artists have spoken out in support of DaBaby after he made disparaging comments about gay people and those living with HIV and AIDS.  “See nie choppa sdfu [crying laughing emoji] that shi he said was still disrespectful and mfn insensitive [eyes rolling emoji]!!” one fan tweeted in response to NLE Choppa’s tweet.  Choppa responded to the fan writing that DaBaby is human and that he didn’t make the comments to intentionally hurt anyone.  The “Top Shotta” rapper then compared what DaBaby said to comedians who he says, “say worse sh_t.” Do you agree that DaBaby will come out bigger on the other side of this controversy?