New Stay At Home Order In Effect

New Stay at Home Order April 6th

This afternoon Governor DeWine asked Dr. Amy Acton with the ODH to extend the Department of Health’s Stay at Home Order to 11:59pm on May 1st. Dewine says this is extension is necessary.

“If we are able to let up, we certainly can do that,” DeWine said. “The order is very similar to the previous order, but there are a few changes. The changes have come about because of what we’ve heard from the public.”

A few additions to the order include:

  • Overcrowded stores: The new order requires retail businesses to establish the number of people who should be in the business at one time. The state is not telling them the number becuase businesses are all different. But businesses must determine their number and post it.
  • People Traveling to Ohio: Ohio asks those coming into the state to self-quarantined for 14 days. There are exemptions for those who work over state lines, but this is for those who have been out of state for some time.
  • Weddings: Ohio is not going to regulate weddings. DeWine says the state will leave it up to people’s judgement. However, the reception MUST follow the same rules — no more than 10 people. Weddings are not exempt from this.
  • Campgrounds: Ohio is clarifying the stay at home order to close campgrounds with the exception where a camper or recreational vehicle in a campground serves as somebody’s permanent residence and they are unable to secure safe alternative housing.
  • Fishing: Fishing can continue, but people should observe proper social distancing not congregate together.
  • State Parks: Ohio’s State Parks are open. DeWine says the state does not want to close the state parks, but the parks director can take action and change that if social distancing guidelines are not being met.

You can view the amended Stay Home Ohio order right here.