Monday Update: No Updates on When Childcare Will Reopen

Update on Cases

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest report shows the state now has 24,777 total cases of COVID-19. The 696 new cases were above Ohio’s 21 day average. However, the daily totals for deaths, hospitalizations and ICU admissions are all well below the 21 day averages.

Ohio’s death toll now sits at 1,357. 4,413 Ohioans have been hospitalized from COVID-19; 1,217 have been admitted into the intensive care unit. Over 209,000 COVID-19 tests have been administered in the Buckeye State. Ohio has a positive test rate of 11.8%.





Businesses Continue to Reopen

Governor DeWine announced that over 90% of Ohio’s economy will be reopened by the start of Friday’s business day. Here is a video provided by the state on how businesses are taking the appropriate steps to help Ohioans stay safe.




No Childcare Update

After saying on Thursday that the state would announce an update on when childcare facilities would be able to reopen, Governor DeWine opened his media availability this afternoon retracting that statement, saying his administration is simply not ready to make a decision.

“We will not be making an announcement today,” DeWine said. “We’re still working on it. It’s very important that we get this right. We don’t want to announce a date until we have the protocols in place. We’re focusing on the safety of the kids, their families, and the employees.”

The Governor spoke candidly to Ohioans, explaining that throughout his career, his biggest mistakes were made due to a lack of information.

“The mistakes I’ve made in my career have come about when I haven’t had all the facts or didn’t dig deep enough ,” said DeWine. “So this process is continuing. Reopening childcare centers is simply too important to do so without all the best information and protocols in place.”

Liquor Rebate Program

Jobs Ohio and the Ohio Department of Commerce will offer a one-time rebate to bars and restaurants to defray the cost of restocking high-proof spirituous liquor. You can find out more information on this by clicking right here.

Other Advisory Groups Working Toward Reopenings

Governor DeWine says the state has a number of advisory groups that are working to determine best practices for reopening other sectors of the Ohio economy. Here are some of those groups: