Michael B. Jordan Had To Seek Therapy To Get Out Of Depressive State

Recently, Michael B. Jordan shared that he was in a dark state after he played Killmonger in Black Panther and needed therapy to help he get out of the depressive state he was in.

Jordan said,

There’s no blueprint for it. I take every job as a learning experience.

He continued,

You know I try to learn something from each one; I try to, I try to grow and I try to grow in – I never knew that I had to come out of a character.

He added,

That was the first time I was actually like, not feeling like myself and I was like ‘Man, I’m like depressed.

Jordan continued,

Therapy was something that definitely helped me kind of get out of that and kind of get a clean slate.

Who do you think performed better in Black Panther? Chadwick Boseman? Michael B. Jordan? Why? 

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