Method Man Finds It Suspect New Rappers Have So Much Wealth

Method Man Finds It Suspect New Rappers Have So Much Wealth: ‘Where They Gettin’ This Money!?’ Method Man was recently a guest with Math Hoffa TV and he was confused by where the new rappers are getting their money.  “Now, [rappers] are fu__in’ rockstars,” says Meth. “Where are they getting this money? They got a deal or some sh_t? No fu__ing way that they flying private all the time. That money long as f_k. At minimum, that’s 30 grand round trip. Where are they getting this money from, can somebody tell me? I need that hustle. They paying to fly a private jet, and they’re doing it all the time!” Hoffa and others in the barbershop discussion cited streaming, money from endorsements, and merchandise as ways newer acts are making money.  Meth argued that he could see where artists like Rick Ross got their money from but that the newer artists’ money doesn’t add up. “Nobody really listens to your music like that, where did you get this fu__ing money! It boggles my muthaf__kin’ mind man. Every penny I got, I know where that came from,” Meth exclaimed. Are you as confused as Method Man about how rappers are so rich?

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