Megan Thee Stallion Tells Fan She’s Reclaiming The Words ‘Thot’ & ‘Hoe’ On the heels of the release of her song, “Thot Sh!t” Megan Thee Stallion answered a fan’s question about why she named her new song with the provocative title.  “I’m really just talking shit and taking ownership of the words ‘thot’ and ‘hoe’ bc they’re not the drag the men think it is when trying to come at women for doing them,” the H-Town hottie wrote on Twitter.  In a statement regarding the new song, “Thot Sh!t” is a song, “that celebrates women unapologetically enjoying themselves, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of what the critics have to say.”  Megan is coming off a month-long hiatus where she took a break from social media and reinvented herself with her moniker, “Tina Snow.” How do you feel about the words, “thot” and “hoe,” do you see the words as offensive?