Meek Mill Has Reaction To A.I. Song Using His Late Father’s Voice

Meek Mill recently reacted to an A.I. song using his late father’s voice and was very shocked at what he was hearing.
Meek said,

A.I. wrote a rap about my dad and this what he said WTF.

The song said,

I died in a shootout, just tryin’ to feed my fam.

The song continued,

But death couldn’t stop me, I’m back in the lab/My son Meek Mill, he’s the light of my life/Gotta watch over him, I’m back from the afterlife/I’m Big Robbie and I’m back with a plan/I’m comin’ back to life to see my fam/My soul’s come alive, I’m gonna make it right/Back from the grave, I’m gonna fight the fight.

What’s the scariest thing about the emergence of A.I.?

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