Mary J. Blige Owed ‘Hundreds Of Millions’ In Unpaid Taxes In 2016

At the height of her financial difficulties, Mary J. Blige claimed she “owed hundreds of millions of dollars” in unpaid taxes.

The R&B legend stated,

I owed so much money I never thought I’d ever get out of debt,

At a panel discussion this past weekend in Atlanta for her second annual Strength of a Woman festival. In 2013, the singer owed $3.4 million in unpaid taxes and was sued for defaulting on two bank loans totaling $2.7 million.

Bossip reported that in 2019, the IRS filed a tax lien against Blige for $1,198,161 in back taxes. Mary explained that she is now out of debt and pays all her workers, bills, and tithes before she sees any of her money. The singer claims her debt was due to her marriage to Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, who was in charge of her finances at the time.

Did you get yourself out of debt? How did you do it? What are your tips? 

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