Marlon Wayans Jokes Jay-Z Can’t Attend His ‘Uninvited Roc Nation Brunch’

Marlon Wayans recently opened up about how he hasn’t been invited to a Roc Nation Brunch and requests an invite in a jokingly way.

Wayans said earlier in the year,

I only want to be close to JAY-Z so I can get a gander at Beyoncé.

Now, he wants to create a new brunch with Big Boy and not invite Jay-Z.

He continued,

And let’s not invite JAY. Nah, I’m inviting JAY; he’s on my list.

He added,

Let’s do a brunch because there’s so many people talking about how they ain’t invited to the brunch. ‘The Uninvited Roc Nation Brunch,’ the brunch for the other guys. SO me, you, LL Cool J, Snoop. We do the ‘Alright N**ga Brunch.’ We ain’t rockin’ out – we aight! We got enough money to be aight, and you ain’t gotta wear a dope suit. You can wear Zara suits. Everybody wear Zara suits. You can’t spend over $150 for your suit. No real jewelry – everything fake.

Which member of the Wayans’ family do you think is the funniest and why?

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