Machine Gun Kelly says he is surprised that Megan Fox survived his first date! Machine Gun Kelly is known to be a wild boy! He didn’t disappoint Megan Fox in that manner as far as their first date. MGK said that he took Megan Fox to a secluded 3 story balcony. He wanted to show Megan a little of his world. He told Ellen Degeneres, “This is our first date, that’s her climbing down off a dangerous three-story balcony in heels”, He continued as he was showing pictures, “The door was locked, so we had to scaffold around the balcony — it was very dangerous,” he added. “I’m very glad she’s alive.” This isn’t the craziest thing the couple has done. They are very showy on social media and Megan even gave MGK her blood to wear around his neck. What’s the craziest first date you ever had?

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