Ludacris Helps Out The Children’s Theatre Of Cincinnati In Huge Way

Recently, Ludacris has made a sizable donation to help renovate a children’s theater because he feels that kids are the future and wants to see them lead the way.

Luda gave a performance at the Hard Rock Casino in Cincinnati in July and made a donation of $50,000 in support of the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati‘s $48 million restoration campaign for the Emery Theater structure.

He said,

I’m drawn to the Children’s Theatre’s project in Cincinnati because of the plans to develop new works that hit on the topics that matter to kids today.

He continued,

The Emery project signals an incredible opportunity for more children to access the arts and see themselves in what happens on stage. As a father of four daughters and a philanthropist who’s constantly investing in the next generation, I’m honored to be a part of this.

How can you help the children today to become the leaders of tomorrow?

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