Lizzo Shuts Down Biggest Criticism

Lizzo says her biggest criticism is that she makes music for white audiences.

Lizzo told Vanity Fair.

When black people see a lot of white people in the audience, they think, well, this isn’t for me. This is for them,”  “The thing is when a black artist reaches a certain level of popularity, it’s going to be a predominantly white crowd.” “I am not making music for white people. I am a Black woman. I am making music from my Black experience, for me to heal myself [from] the experience we call life,” she continued.  “If I can help other people, hell yeah. Because we are the most marginalized and neglected people in this country. We need self-love and self-love anthems more than anybody.

Do you listen to artists based on if they have a similar life experience as you, or do you listen to music because sonically it sounds good? Share your thoughts.

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