Lil Wayne On Ja Morant

The Ja Morant gun-waving incident has dominated our online conversation. Now, Lil Wayne is getting in on the conversation.

Lil Wayne was on the Up In Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, where Wayne related Ja Morant’s situation to his own as a celebrity.

The Young Money leader says public backlash may miss the target.

In a lot of situations like this, when we’re all talking about it, the actual people we’re talking about, they purposely stay away from this,” said Wayne. “And there are people protecting them that’s gonna hear it for them and gonna protect them from hearing it.

He added,

So it’s hard for the message to get through. You got people looking dead in the camera on TV like, ‘I’m talking to you, Ja.’ It’s hard for the message to get through because I’m the breadwinner. I wish a n___a would tell me something.

Do you agree with Lil Wayne?

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