Lil Wayne Might Have To Testify In Young Thug’s Ongoing YSL RICO Trial

The ongoing RICO trial involving Young Thug‘s YSL Records has become the longest trial in Georgia’s history, with the focus now on Lil Wayne and his potential evidence linking Thugger to a 2015 tour bus shooting.

Despite attempts to introduce social media posts as evidence of their relationship, Judge Ural Glanville has mandated Lil Wayne’s testimony for admissibility.  As tensions rise, all eyes are on Lil Wayne as he prepares to take the stand, potentially altering the trial’s course.

Judge Glanville rejected the prosecution’s attempt to introduce social media posts by Lil Wayne discussing Young Thug and emphasized the significance of Lil Wayne’s testimony in the case.

How will Lil Wayne potentially taking the stand in the YSL RICO trial affect the case?

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