Lil Durk Axed Kanye West From ‘Almost Healed’

Despite Kanye West‘s “genius” contributions to the Chicago rap legend’s upcoming album Almost Healed, Lil Durk has admitted that he took the rapper off the project.

Smurk revealed that Kanye contributed vocals and production to a number of songs for his next album but ultimately chose against using them in an interview with Akademiks‘ Off the Record podcast.

Durk said,

He actually did my whole album. But I ain’t use it … He, like, tweaked with the beat, he put some vocals behind some beats. He played with a couple records. I’ma say that, he played with a couple records … He did some genius s**t.

He continued,

I had went to the hotel where he was at. He was actually in a good head space. I guess all the bullshit that was going on with him was getting to him, but he definitely in a good space.

He added,

I’m trying to see if I can come back with some genius s**t with it, man, and double my sales.

Which other Chicago artist would you like to see Kanye West do a joint album with?

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