Latto Explains Keeping Her Romantic Relationship Private

Latto strives to keep her relationship private and explains why she is motivated to keep this from the public.

She said,

If something is special to me, I’m going to keep it close to me because everything else has to be front and center about my life.

She continued,

I think we find the beauty in separation sometimes because it makes us miss each other. My privacy is more important [than seeing him in the crowd]. I can’t have people putting two and two together. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in.

She added,

I let him have his time and he lets me have mine. We trust each other. When he’s at home, like now, he’s probably gambling with his friends. I let him do him. We’ve built that trust, and I think people will probably be caught off guard or shocked at who I am in a relationship versus my public persona.

Why do you agree with Latto’s sentiment about why she keeps her relationship private?

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