Latto Admits She’s Had Work Done & Advises Women To Love Your Body

Latto recently discussed the work she has done on her body and advises women to love their natural state.

Latto said,

I got a little work done on my body or whatever. A little tea. A b***h look natural. It’s one thing about it, if you gon’ do it, do it right. I did it right. For a girl that have the little tweaky tweaks, I be on your case about not touching nothing.

She continued,

I’m telling you, to all the young girls listening, all the women listening right now. I’m telling you from someone who’s been there, done that. Find peace within your natural state. Because you’re going to find a flaw and another flaw and another flaw and another flaw. Surgery, any of that stuff is not a permanent fix.

Why do you think cosmetic surgery has become so popular today?

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