Kodak Black Blesses Ed Sheeran With 1800 Block Chain

Kodak Black Blesses Ed Sheeran With 1800 Block Chain: ‘[We] Got Alotta **** Coming’ This could be the most unlikely pair, Kodak Black and Ed Sheeran, who have a fondness for one another, not only are they both on Atlantic Records, they have recorded music together.  Most recently Kodak linked up with Sheeran and gifted him with an 1800 Block chain. “#BackForEverything Out Now,” he wrote. “Me & Ed Sheeran Got Alotta Sh_t Coming.” Kodak captioned a picture of him with Sheeran. Earlier in February Kodak said he had a song with Sheeran and was unsure if he would put it on “Back For Everything,” or if he would hold it for an August release. “I Got A Song Wit Ed Sheeran & Other Elite Artists I Snapped Within a Year,” wrote Kodak.  What do you think about a collaboration between Kodak and Ed Sheeran?