Kendrick Leaving TDE?

Kendrick Lamar Playfully Responds to Rumor He Left TDE Kendrick Lamar responded to rumors that he was leaving TDE. TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith posted a playful video from Kendrick where he was talking with Blue from Blue’s Clues in the camera’s focus.  “Top, you got to stop them from smutting my name, man,” Kendrick said. “They been smutting my name all year, man. You ain’t said nothing. Enough is enough. Got them saying I done shook the label and all that,” Kendrick is heard saying.  Top Dawg also posted a picture alongside Kendrick signaling that the two are still working together. Last month Kendrick was seen shooting a video in Los Angeles.  Additionally, producer Thundercat recently told Neet Toyoko, “When I was working with Kendrick, I was excited. Some of my favorite moments’ recording were spent with Kendrick… I think I worked on the new [album] a little bit too.” Do you think Kendrick will put out a new album before the end of 2020?