Kanye West’s ‘Independent’ Campaign Was Secretly Run by GOP Elites

Kanye West’s ‘Independent’ Campaign Was Secretly Run by GOP Elites According to the Daily Beast, Kanye’s run for president was funded and run by GOP elites.  “New documents show Kanye West’s doomed White House campaign—styled as an ‘independent’ third-party effort—appears to have disguised potentially millions of dollars in services it received from a secretive network of Republican Party operatives, including advisers to the GOP elite and a managing partner at one of the top conservative political firms in the country,” reports the outlet.  Furthermore, the report claims Kanye’s campaign committee didn’t report paying their advisors and uses a strange “abbreviation” in another committee report.  Campaign experts say the moves made by the committee were “designed to mask the association between known GOP operatives and the campaign, and could constitute a violation of federal laws.” Do you think the people behind the campaign for Kanye should face charges?