Kanye West divides shoppers by selling Yeezy Gap out of rubbish bags

Kanye West Divides Shoppers By Selling Yeezy Gap Out Of Trash Bags Kanye has shoppers at odds over his Yeezy Gap collection.  With the collection hitting stores, shoppers are finding the clothes in large black “trash bags,” which they have to rummage through in order to find their size, and store clerks are not allowed to help shoppers. Pictures of the store displays started hitting social media, causing fans and shoppers to be at odds over Kanye’s vision. “The general pretentiousness that Ye made a weird demand from on his insanity throne so now everyone has to rummage through bags for an hour to find your size of what you’re looking for. It’s all performative and annoying,” says one shopper. “Finally, something to satisfy my instinct to burrow,” another joked. A person who said they saw the display in Houston tweeted, “As a former visuals manager, I can say this would make me quit my job if I were still on the visuals team.” Do you see Kanye’s vision with his Yeezy Gap Line?