Kanye West Called Cardi B An Industry Plant

Kanye West called Cardi B an “industry plant” in a rant. The internet just dug up the old footage and is buzzing over it.

Leaked footage shows Kanye West making negative comments about the Bronx rapper,

Cardi B is a plant by the Illuminati,

Says Ye while on his cellphone.

She don’t write her raps. She just there to sound as as ignorant as possible. She’s literally replaced Nicki Minaj purposely… She thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, it ain’t no f*cking blessing.

Ye also claims Corey Gamble, known from the Kardashian family, is “CIA” and part of the Illuminati.


Cardi noticed the situation and shared a positive clip from Ye’s interview with Jason Lee, but it seems she has since deleted it. Kanye later worked with Cardi on “Hot Sh!t.”

Which artist do you think is an industry plant?

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