Juice WRLD Photographer Says He Didn’t Die Swallowing Pills To Hide Them From Police New information is coming from Juice WRLD’s photographer as he took to Twitter to clear up some misinformation that was spread after the rapper died of an overdose in December of 2019.  Chris Long, Juice’s photographer, was on the private plane when it touched down in Juice’s hometown in December. Long says Juice didn’t swallow a bunch of pills due to police presence, “We gave no f*cks about them being there,” wrote Long. “He could have flushed them down the toilet if he cared. J was just hooked bad.” Juice’s manager, Lil Bibby, echoed Long’s statement saying, “We tried so hard to do positive things every day like ride dirt bikes or paintball to keep busy and not do pills but every night once he hit the studio that was it. He loved it.” Long says that Juice didn’t want to stop taking the pills but agreed to go to rehab in order to slow down his consumption. Bibby says he would test every batch of Juice’s pill out of fear he would get bad-pressed pills.  Opioids are a major problem for many Americans, do you think the federal government should do more to fight the opioid crisis?