Jim Jones Unloads On Pusha T & No Malice During Joe Budden Call

During Joe Budden call Jim Jones continues to put pressure on Pusha T and No Malice, hurling more insults their way while talking with Joe Budden about his on-going battle with the Clipse rappers.

In the most recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the Dipset rapper called in to discuss his and Pusha’s recent lyrical exchange, which he described as “all fun and games” and “a true display of wordery.”

Jim said,

Who’s gonna spin the block for him? Is Pharrell gonna spin the block for him? Is Malice gonna say a prayer? Who’s gonna spin the block for him? I’m talking about musically, too. I ain’t talking about thug s**t — we already know I can do that. Who he got that’s gon’ spin the block for him? Malice is a preacher who works at Walmart.

He added about Push,

That n**ga’s a worker. He’s still not a boss. He still has to answer to everybody in his circle.

He continued, This is about pure music and styling, and he don’t got it. You always wanted to be a New York n**ga; you from VA, the suburbs.

Which member of the Dipset do you think has the most hit records? Who do you think would make for a better match up against Pusha T?

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