Jeezy Was Once Hospitalized After Bad Weed Trip

Jeezy recently shared the time he ended up in the hospital following a negative marijuana encounter, and he claims the incident led him to quit smoking for almost ten years.

The Atlanta rapper opened up about a time in his hustler days when he thought a woman had purposefully mixed “crumbs” of crack cocaine into a pot of marijuana he subsequently smoked in his car while listening to 2Pac in an interview with the Dope As Usual podcast.

He said,

What we would do when we cut up the rocks is we would put them in a bag and we’d call it shake, and it’d be like the crumbs. She was like, ‘Yo, cuz. Let me get the crumbs.’ I’m like, ‘Alright, cool, whatever.

He continued,

So I gave her the crumbs. We hanging out that night and I’m like, ‘Man, I want some weed.’ And she says, ‘S**t, your cuz got some!’ So I called her, I was like, ‘Yo let me get some weed.

He added,

I get the weed from her. We riding around, we listening to 2Pac, we smoking. [My friend] doesn’t smoke, but we smoking, and I’m listening and the music sounds like it’s chasing me [laughs]. I’m the most paranoid I’ve been. I think I’m gonna die.

Jeezy continued,

He take me to the hospital. I’m sitting there and when they got me back around I said, ‘Yo, do you think she put those crumbs in the weed to make it more potent?’ I still didn’t get the truth out of her, but I stopped smoking for like 10 years after that.

What’s the worst experience you ever had with weed? What happened?

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