Jeezy Reflects On Dealing with Depression Early In His Career

Jeezy wrote a memoir titled Adversity for Sale: You Gotta Believe. The 45-year-old Georgia rapper’s journey from the slums to the Billboard charts is chronicled in the book.

Jeezy revealed about his early mental health battles.

Big Sno said,

Sometimes you have to go through some things – even some things that are excruciating and that you think you’ll never survive – in order to get where you want to be.

He continued,

Through this book, his goal is to give everyone from the block to the boardroom a message of hope to get through their days.

He added earlier in an interview,

My first three albums and two mixtapes, I was probably the most depressed I’d ever been in my life. And I didn’t even know what depression was. Anxiety, all these things, I didn’t have the words for. As I started to learn and peel back the layers, I’m like, Oh, this is what’s going on.

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