Jeezy Didn’t Cash First Multi-Million-Dollar Check For Over A Year

While Jeezy was business-savvy enough to turn his life into a best-selling book, he started his career without a bank account.

Jay-Z told the Adversity for Sale author to “quit playing” over a multi-million-dollar check he refused to cash.  On Revolt’s Assets Over Liabilities podcast, Jeezy recalls receiving his first publishing check for “a few million” dollars.

A Warner Music Group executive called him after he failed to deposit the check for almost a year.   Jeezy stated he was “paranoid of banks,” keeping his money in a shoebox for fear the feds would assume he was money laundering.

Jeezy revealed,

When Def Jam gave me my check, I didn’t even have an account. I was just putting the checks in the box, Because I didn’t understand how it worked. I was too embarrassed to ask.

Have you ever lost a check? 

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